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Who wants to support our MD on his 100 mile London-Surrey cycle for charity?


Bravo to Henley House Hotel's MD, Hussein Jajbhay, who is getting ready for an intense 100 mile London-Surrey cycle for NGO "Save the Children".

Save the Children works in more than 120 countries. They save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfill their potential. Who wouldn't want to support such a cause, after all, children are the future. Here's a statement from Henley House Hotel's man of the hour: "Update on my training: Did an 80 mile stint (including all hills) in my best time so far so getting there. . . Makes up for being knocked off my bike by a car last week. Please PLEASE sponsor me, as anything you can give will literally be saving and improving the lives of unfortunate children all over the world. So please donate now with the generosity I know you possess."

If you're feeling generous and want to give Hussein even more positive energy and encouragement, then please sponsor him under the following link: