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Join our hotel Loyalty Program when you next stay with us and start receiving up to 30% DISCOUNT from your very next stay! These are the very best rates that our hotel offers!It is absolutely free and as part of our program, you will receive the following Benefits:
  • Once you register you will receive a CODE/LINK that discount on all future stays at our hotel. This code/link can be used Online on our Booking Engine to unlock the special rates. Alternatively simply Phone or Email us.
  • Every time you or someone recommended by you stays with us you will be credited points that go toward the LITTLE GIFTS/EXTRA’S that we will surprise you with as you become a regular guest!
  • From time to time you will receive via email SPECIAL PROMOTIONS, exclusive only to Loyalty Program members.
To join, simply fill out an application form during your stay with us and return to Reception. You will be issued with a Loyalty Card immediately with a unique number. This number should be quoted whenever you make any future bookings and/or recommend our hotel to friends and colleagues. Recommend friends and colleagues and you will be credited for their stays as if you had stayed yourself!!We are grateful for any recommendations. Friends and/or colleagues should quote your membership number when making a booking. They are also welcome to join our program during their stay!

How the Program works

Each time you book in future by email or telephone quote your name and membership number to the receptionist at time of booking. If booking Online, enter the special CODE you were given when joining, then enter your Membership number in the appropriate box on the booking page. Also please let the receptionist know your Membership details on Check-in. Its that easy!If you recommend the hotel to friends or colleagues, tell them to quote your name and number when making a booking. This is very important, as you will be credited as if you had stayed yourself! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!Each of your stays or those of friends/colleagues recommended by you will be logged, and will entitle you to more special gifts.

Other Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to withdraw this card and scheme at any time or vary any/all of the terms without notice, details of which will be posted on the hotel website at www.henleyhousehotel.comThe Loyalty Card has no cash value and its benefits are not transferableThe client agrees to the hotel sending him/her marketing information relating to the hotel only from time to time.Existing Loyalty Card holders: All your previous stays have not been forgotten so don’t worry! They have been logged in full, and will therefore entitle you to enhanced benefits over time.